10 Reasons Not To Accept Clients

10 Reasons Not To Accept Clients
  1. The prospect has had too many lawyers for criminal justice before you, and may even refuse to name them—a real alarm bell regarding a client who does not pay or is a real problem to deal with. The clients also have the rights of private investigators when conducting surveillance, as well.
  2. The prospect thinks all previous lawyers were “idiots”, or makes otherwise derogatory statements about lawyers in general.
  3. This slip and fall injury attorneys in Orange County says that the prospect cannot demonstrate he/she can pay for the cost of your services, balks at paying a retainer, and/or asks for a special reduced rate or payment terms up front.
  4. DUI attorneys suggests that the prospect is too demanding and expects their work will be handled before all other client work, and you can view it now—usually recognized by a demand that the suit or action happen TODAY when there is no justification for the rush.
  5. You really dislike the prospect personally.
  6. You do not agree with the prospect’s legal position.
  7. You do not believe the prospect is being truthful.
  8. The prospect is a family member.
  9. The matter is outside your normal area(s) of expertise.
  10. The prospect indicates they know the law and what they want to do, and just wants the attorney to do the front end work for them.

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