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Capella Kincheloe Interior Designs is the ultimate goal for projects that run smoothly and efficiently. We want clients to be excited about each person`s work on the project. Together, we can create amazing results for our customers. In order to satisfy the customer and minimize conflicts, we must ensure that we work towards a common goal with common expectations and standard objectives. THE PRESIDENT: Well, thank you all. We appreciate it. A wonderful day and a wonderful offer for many people. Today we are signing a revolutionary agreement that will facilitate the export of American beef to the European Union. We`ve been negotiating for a while. And our cattle producers, we didn`t think they were being treated fairly, but the European Union has strengthened and we appreciate it. And we have great representatives here today.

MS. HOUSTON: Yes, it is a great day for — (the president lowers the microphone) — thank you — (laughs) — for American ranchers and ranchers. And thank you, Mr. President, to you and your entire sales team for your diligence. Indeed, for years, it has been difficult for us to access the European Union, because certain non-tariff and limited customs trade practices are in place. But each of these measures is essential for our farmers. And again, on behalf of all of us in the Senate who work in agriculture, we want this kind of agreement that we will triple in beef that we can export to Europe under this agreement between the United States and Europe. To ensure that our working relationship is beneficial to both parties and progresses on time with minimal problems, we have created a framework that can be achieved as described above. This contract is concluded and registered on that date, on that date, at the end of and between: contract of engagement, which must be established on a monthly basis. Each party must submit a week`s deadline for termination or modification of the contract. Signed: As a general rule, the benefits and obligations of trade agreements apply only to their signatories.

Once again, thank you very much, Mr President, for your support of American farmers and farmers, as well as your entire sales team. And to all of you, thank you. They could only have a simple code of conduct, which reads like a page from a staff manual and formalizes it with a trade agreement. Or you can incorporate everything into a document if you are the one who is being recruited and who has to indicate these responsibilities and the scope of the contract. However, if you do not, a trade agreement is a nice bridge. AMBASSADOR LAMBRINIDIS: Mr President, Ambassador Lighthizer, dear friends of American agriculture, ladies and gentlemen, today it is a question of producing real, positive and tangible results in transatlantic trade relations – the strongest and most important relationship in the world. Since the early 1990s, the need to create a minimum social base for trade development – a guarantee of guarantees against social dumping – has led to the signing of an increasing number of free trade agreements with a working dimension, either in the agreement itself or in a parallel agreement.

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