What Is The Difference Of Acceptance And Agreement

These are precious words, Sandy! I talked about “acceptance does not mean approval” a few days before I read the article on your part. I knew it, but it`s only now that I realize how huge it is. When I saw that my two difficult situations , my husband and I, my daughter and I, when I kept thinking about her – they were both about me, mixing acceptance and consent. Even though I knew for a year. I still haven`t noticed how I mix them over and over again. So thank you for being here to remind you of something so important! In December 2013, I tried to help people accept each other, even if they disagree. Acceptance comes from a deeper place than the agreement – in fact, it offers the place where the agreement can develop. I hope I`m not wrong, but I think people can make respectful friendships without demanding absolute agreement on all issues (most marriages seem to work that way!). There is a difference between acceptance and consent. If there is a hypothesis, a necessary agreement can be reached. Mutually respectful diversity ultimately gives us the greatest opportunity to grow, love and learn. In addition, He allows Jesus to heal our wounds and make us one, as the healer and the Father are one, which is far more satisfying than anything the powers promise. Does acceptance for you sound like resignation? How do you give up what you want and accept something you don`t want? Despite our differences, I was able to continue to talk to that person.

In my own mind, I did not agree with what the person was saying, but I was able to accept his opinion. Acceptance allows us to continue; The agreement holds us back as you have described it. Thank you for giving your excellent example! Growing up as an “imperfectionist” and without realizing it has always been synonymous with what is, what would mean giving up at my request to have a clean kitchen counter. I share that because I think it could apply to other “imperfectionists.” In my imperfect understanding of acceptance, to accept something I don`t like would be to simply give up my need, to change it, to let go of my love of an organized home. I think the Spirit`s Circle of Hope is welcome not only for people who name different sexual identities, but also for those with different political convictions and spiritual backgrounds. We do not believe that people need to change their ordinary orientation, sexually or not, to follow Jesus. Instead, we invite everyone to change their spiritual orientation towards God and their fellow human beings. When men accept this guidance, they submit their humanity to God in all their miracles and mistakes, as they are revealed on the way to Jesus. This cropping makes the difference. I do not agree with everything everyone says, and for the same reason, not everyone agrees with what I am saying. Even if I do not agree with some of them, I can still accept what they have to say. As I was curious, I looked at “accept” in the dictionary, and I found that “accepting” is actually a definition of acceptance.

But there is another meaning that I think is only the importance of the acceptance you use in SWYS: I don`t think we`re sensitive to judgments, but people still feel judged. Perhaps it is because they must also learn the lesson that we must apply: the difference between acceptance and agreement. For example, as someone sees sexual morality, the strange new test of painting for reciprocity nowadays. Many people loved us Christians, but hated our morals. They even felt “seated” when we were nice, and then we didn`t agree with them; they felt welcome to give their opinion, and then felt betrayed when asked to listen.

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