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After the process is submitted to point 1, the collagen may be subjected to a drying process. Storage facilities and offices can be combined with sufficient security. A list of parties or other protected persons whose copies have these formats available in available formats; and eros.ba – mojweb.ba – vicevi.net – afazija.ba – knjiga.ba – pracenje.ba – leftor.ba After the intervention. B, collagen can go through the drying process. Storage facilities and offices can be combined, provided they are sufficiently insured. The technical expert has the skills to effectively assist evaluators and chief evaluators in the field that requires his expertise and experience. Give a word for translation: German dictionary German Dictionary Turkish German Dictionary German Dictionary Slovenian Dictionary Slovenian Dictionary Czech Dictionary The final decision of the arbitration is limited to the subject matter of the dispute and gives the reasons on which it is based. . The Court of Arbitration may rule on the counterparties that arise directly from the subject matter of the dispute. All documents and data to be published under section 14 are kept on file or registered; the purpose of the registrations in the register must, in all cases, be visible in the file. The duration of the framework contract may not exceed four years, unless, in exceptional cases, the purpose of the framework agreement duly justifies it. . Its objective is also to promote access to knowledge and culture by protecting parties and other protected persons and by allowing exceptions or restrictions that are in the public interest.

For the best value method, the awarding authority takes into account price or costs as well as other quality criteria related to the purpose of the contract. Contact | Copyright © 2007-2021 LEFTOR d.o. Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina Such a referral is permitted only in exceptional cases if a sufficiently detailed and understandable description of the purpose of the contract is not possible. In the case of mixed contracts for goods and services, the main case is determined by a comparison of the value of the goods or services concerned. A party who has an interest in the subject matter of the legal dispute likely to be affected by the decision may be associated with the proceedings with the agreement of the Court of Arbitration.

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