Sa Catholic Schools Enterprise Agreement 2018

As you know, our respective negotiating teams have been working for almost two years to reach agreement on a number of work-related issues. Despite good faith, vigorous discussions and hard work, we have not been able to find an amicable solution on some issues. Since the increase in the percentage of salaries could not be agreed too early because of the uncertainties about the public funding of the Catholic school (which continues to this day) and the salaries of state teachers, the Union and the employer agreed to align the wage increases for 2018 and 2019 with those of high-level teachers in the Ministry of Education when they were finally negotiated. O.1.1 In any increase in Volume 1 salaries for teachers in government schools in South Australia, parties will take into account the resulting pay gap between a full-time teacher in Volume 1, Stage 9 (or equivalent) of the South Australian government school and a full-time teacher at the South Australian Catholic School , as described in Appendix A. The minimum right to our schools is described in the Catholic Education SA Enterprise Agreement 2017. However, both parties agree that we want to end negotiations so that employees can benefit as quickly as possible from negotiated increases. We are aware that the staff of Catholic schools, who are so committed to the children and young people they serve, deserve their salaries, the increase in allowances and the additional payment. In this context, each party agreed that we should withdraw our respective rights and offers, vote on the proposed enterprise agreement, and allow wage and salary increases and wage refunds. This percentage increase is then applied to all workers (and indexed allowances). It is important that the increase be effective from the date the increases will be effective in public schools. Therefore, if a retrodedation occurs, the same will be true for you.

So far, there has been little progress in public sector negotiations, but at least the new treasurer has lowered the public sector salary cap by 1.5% of his predecessor. The IEU will keep you informed of the results of the EA DfE negotiations as soon as this information is available. As indicated in the newly created Annex O in the South Australian Catholic Schools Enterprise Agreement 2017, we still have a lot of work to do in drafting the revised document, making it available to you for review and then proceeding with the voting process. Click here to visit the Country Incentives Program page. O.1.2 If the gap is in favor of the state teacher, the salary of the Catholic school volume 1 stage 10 teachers is increased at the level of the state teacher.

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