Market Stall Lease Agreement

Rents. The Owner thus rents and rents the Seller, as set forth below, during the Fernandina Beach Market Place event for authorized use every day of the Event during the lifetime, and the Seller undertakes to pay the rent to the Owner, as indicated here, and to abide by all other agreements stipulated therein. 3.7 Maintain the property in good and essential condition and keep it free of any waste and, if the lessor can reasonably require, replace and renew the owner`s facilities, installations, machinery and equipment, from or at any time during the term of the rental agreement in or on the immovable property, with goods or equipment of a similar and modern nature to the reasonable satisfaction of the owner 5.5 The rent to be paid can be paid annually with: a period of six months will be verified by the owner. Any revised tirade is a reasonable market rent, established by negotiations and agreements between the lessor and the tenant in accordance with the provision of the second schedule (ii) has not fulfilled any obligation in this rental agreement The parties confirm that there is no agreement for which this lease takes effect (f) After receipt of a notice from the tenant, the lessor and the tenant may, in arrears with the consent of the tenant`s offer, confirm the appointment of a cha rtered Surveyors with at least six years of experience in market rents and/or the valuation of market rents and/or stands established in the counties of Cumbria and Lancashire, who is represented in writing by the landlord and the tenant according to a schedule which, at the discretion of the arbitrator concerned. . . .

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