Learning Agreement Unistrasi

IDEC has extensive experience in European projects in the field of education and training and is the coordinator of the FIL and Migrants+ projects. In this project, IDEC will present its previous experience with initiatives to increase the professional skills of migrants, such as. B IDEC`s participation in the FIL and MIGRANTS+ projects. Iroon Polytechniou Avenue, 96 – 18536 Piraeus (Greece) (+30) 210 4286227 info@idec.gr www.idec.gr – For post-completion mobility, the apprenticeship agreement must be signed by the International Affairs Coordinator. – For all mobilities before conclusion, the learning agreement must be submitted before departure to the student secretariat for approval by the Education Committee. Students taking postgraduate courses must obtain permission from the course committee. If the agreement cannot be filed with the International Bureau due to the covid block, it must be sent by e-mail to erasmus.out@unisi.it and then by registered letter to the address of the office: you do not need to send a copy of your learning agreement to the Mobility Office before your arrival. To have the Learning Agreement signed before your arrival in Siena, please send it to the e-mail address of your Erasmus Coordinator. Unistrasi received the European language label eight times between 2004 and 2013. This award pays tribute to the quality of the language projects designed by Unistrasi, which give new impetus to language teaching and learning through innovative and effective teaching practices, awareness of Europe`s cultural and linguistic heritage and the motivation of individuals to benefit from the multilingual experience throughout their lives. The additional option 2019: “Following the last general update of the OLS, a new function called `multilingualism` has been introduced, allowing mobility participants who have obtained a trial license from a university project (HE) and have obtained a result equivalent to or higher than B2, to choose the language(s) they wish to learn. This option appears on its screen just before the end of the test. The languages offered concern the language of learning (mainly English) and the national language of their country of destination.

If a participant has joined the course, it is unfortunately no longer possible to add, delete or change the learning language.¬†There are few faculties within Unistrasi, precisely because the main objective of the university is to offer the student the opportunity to concentrate and “specialize” in a particular sector. .

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