10 Reasons Not to Accept Clients

The prospect has had too many lawyers for criminal justice before you, and may even refuse to name them—a real alarm bell regarding a client who does not pay or is a real problem to deal with. The clients also have the rights of private investigators when conducting surveillance, as well. The prospect thinks all […]

The American Bar Association LPL Claims Study

The American Bar Association LPL Claims Study

Featured in The Middlesex Advocate, Vol. 31, No. 6 The ABA Standing Committee on Lawyers Professional Liability… …engages in a comparative study every four years of the malpractice claims experience during that particular four year cycle. Within the industry, this is an important study designed to explore those areas of practice giving rise to malpractice […]

Boston Slip & Fall Accident Attorneys

You’re standing on a sidewalk when a car suddenly parks in front of you. The car’s driver and rear passenger leap out of the way of your jump and onto the asphalt. They’re both seriously injured and need serious medical care. If you didn’t break any bones, you might not even remember the crash but […]