An Attorney’s Guide to Understanding Lawyers Professional Liability Insurance

An Attorney’s Guide to Understanding Lawyers Professional Liability Insurance


Today’s challenging economy has created volatility across all industries. Attorneys must be increasingly thoughtful and thorough in managing their law practice. Professional liability insurance is an area often overlooked. Research shows that 40% of practicing solo attorneys do not have malpractice insurance coverage.

Attorneys who do have malpractice coverage often purchase it based solely on price, without an understanding of the different protection it can afford. As a result, they can find themselves faced with inadequate coverage.

Couch Braunsdorf’s Attorney’s Guide to Understanding Lawyers’ Professional Liability Insurance provides an overview of the scope of the insurance contract offered by insurance carriers and the ways that attorneys can choose the proper protection for their unique circumstances.

Malpractice insurance coverage may be one of the best investments for a law firm to provide:

• Financial coverage
• Specialized handling of a claim and the potential to minimize its duration and severity, and
• Risk management services and advice

Get More Information from Georgia’s best lawyers provided in this guide, you will better understand the wide-ranging benefits of having insurance coverage through an experienced insurance carrier such as Zurich. You will learn how you can reduce the risks of claims, and you will learn about risk management procedures that can help provide the firm with a defense against unwarranted claims.

I hope this guide proves to be a useful resource for you in understanding Zurich’s Lawyers’ Professional Liability Insurance program and benefits. We’re committed to providing excellent service to our clients.


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