Agreement Sewa Lori

The lease is made up of terms and conditions and the rental document contains details of the rent that each vehicle made available at the time of the rental (what is called “rental documents” under these conditions). The lease agreement is between LA NZ Avid Car Rental (hereafter referred to as “owner”) and the person and/or company signing the rental document (hereinafter referred to as “tenant”), with reference to the information contained in the rental document. It is agreed by this: 4. The landlord will charge the amount shown above on the tenant`s current account or after the closing of the tenancy period, or the tenant can pay the fees that are compatible with the landlord, the option is left to the discretion of the landlord. 13. The tenant must send the vehicle after or after the expiry of the lease period at the agreed tenancy place or obtain the landlord`s agreement to continue the rent (the tenant must pay an additional rental fee for the long-term rent). If the tenant does not comply with this clause and does not immediately return the vehicle, the owner can declare the stolen vehicle to the police and the tenant must pay the landlord either the full cost of the vehicle or any additional costs and losses incurred up to that date, until the vehicle is acquired by the owner, compensation. b) losses or damage to vehicles and third-party property during the rental period. (j) all drivers may use the vehicle during the rental period, who know and meet the conditions set out in the rental agreement.

The information requested by the tenant should allow the landlord to assess the tenant`s request to rent the vehicle. Tenants do not have to provide this information, but if the tenant does, then the landlord is not able to rent a vehicle. The Tenant recognizes that the landlord will collect, store and use the tenant`s personal data for the purpose of renting vehicles and providing a relevant after-sales service, including direct marketing and assessing customer satisfaction with the products and services provided by the owner. The Tenant also recognizes that such personal data may be transmitted to collection offices if the tenant is late in paying money owed to the landlord or any other party involved in a vehicle accident during the tenant`s tenancy; or any organization responsible for the treatment or treatment of offences; and tenants heresy agree to the disclosure of their personal data for each item 3. In addition to the above payments, tenants recognize that at the end of the tenancy period, they are required to pay the landlord any other additional fees to be paid at the end of the period.

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