Acupuncture Independent Contractor Agreement

In short, it is most likely illegal to share fees. Being an independent contractor is not necessarily easy. And I`m not a lawyer. [I`m happy to repeat that last sentence] But there is a whole other question here which is whether fee splitting is illegal (which is likely), it is probably unethical and practice should be avoided. I know it is the norm in our business, and it is a real big question, but it is for the best. So there are two major problems: the idea of royalty splitting and the status of an independent contractor. We will take them one after the other. An independent contractor is a person who manages his own affairs independently of the employer`s control. The independent contractor controls royalties; Hours Types of services, etc. Conversely, the worker is an extension of the employer; it has no control over operating costs, types of offers, operating hours, etc. We are open to hiring as an employee or independent contractor, as well as renting a room.

Join our amazing team and help our patients with… The status of an independent contractor is therefore not really a federal right; These are IRS rules. Most of the time. Government laws and state tax rules could also play a role. What is it and why would anyone want to be one? So let`s go back to our discussion about paying rent. To consolidate IC status, IC would have to pay for its own deliveries. But the “owner/employer” can collect a direct pension tax. So to be (probably) legal, there should be an hourly rent and advance fees. So instead of paying $25 rent, as in our example above, it is better to pay $20 per hour rent and a service fee of $5 per patient. And this consolidates the status of an independent contractor.

However, whether or not they apply to those of you in Oregon (or another state), it`s probably really easy not to have royalty-related problems. Pay rent. Rent can be hourly and therefore you can have the benefits of allocating costs without these troublesome legal concerns. So if you calculate $50 for a treatment (all numbers, for example, are only and are not suggestions to still reflect actual transactions) [I have to have this bracket to avoid collusion… a completely different subject, then the hourly rent can be $25 per hour. And lo and behold, you have a 50-50 fee allocation without sharing the fees. Of course, there may be state laws that do not allow for this regulation. And the rent should be “reasonable” (another topic). But wait, there are others…

And that will lead us to independent contractors. An independent contractor (IC) is the opposite of an employee. He is someone who provides contract work and is not an employee. In other words, there is no employer who says you have to do this or that during this special period, and they can fire you if you don`t. It`s freedom. In fact, routine tests say that independent contractors tend to work their own hours, charge fees as they wish, and provide their own tools and materials to do the job.

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